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Monika Schluderbacher

Monika's Yoga Journey

From a young age, Monika wanted to find out what the sources for ultimate happiness were, questioning explanations which society, parents and education were giving.

"I found my first teachers in my children, learning from them how to happily be in the present moment".


Meeting a penniless Buddhist monk, who was beaming with joy and compassion, helped her realise, that the source for ultimate happiness could lie within oneself.


The Yoga teachings about reconnecting to one's innermost nature, deeply resonated with her. She decided to embark on this inner journey, finding a way to unite modern life and spirituality.

"Yoga is my passion and I love to share it with the world"


30 Years of Yoga Experience

Born in 1961 in the Alps of northern Italy, Monika grew up immersed in two languages and cultures. Out of fascination for movement she trained as a physiotherapist, working as such in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. 


Monika started practicing Yoga on a regular basis in 1990. Her main yoga teachers were Annermarie Schick and Irene Bergamaschi, both dedicated Raja Yoga teachers and yoga pioneers in Italy​.


On her yoga path she met many inspiring yoga teachers from different traditions: Lama Zopa, Swami Veda Bharati, Dr. Bohle, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Brian Kest, Amma, Boris Tatzky, T.K Desikachar, Nicola Zaghi and Sandra Sabatini.


In 2004 Monika completed a Sivananda Yoga teacher training in Greece. Following an inner calling, she moved to the Irish island of Inis Mor in 2008, where she has been living and working, giving yoga classes and retreats for past 15 years. Inspired by the island nature, Monika founded Earth Sea Sky Yoga in 2013.

In December 2022 she left the island and is now living and working in Italy.

Monika's Personal Yoga Experience

Collapsing on the yoga mat as a single mum of three, being in the midst of a challenging divorce process, I just wanted to relax, just relax.

Irene, the teacher allowed us to lie on the back, and we did gentle movements.

Then she asked us to feel our body: how did the right side feel compared to the left side? Was our breath in sync with our movements? "No way, I am not going to do that... forget about it, I just came to relax!" And then, after 90 minutes of practice, some magic had happened. I wasn't just relaxed, I was at peace, centered, at ease. And I wondered: "how and when did that happen?!"

There I learned that I can always find a place of balance within myself, no matter what is going on in my life. This is what I want to share with you.


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