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Let's practice together!

Immersed in nature, we share days of yoga practice, breathing, and meditation, as well as mindful walks.  Group retreats are suitable for every level of practitioners, from yoga beginners to experienced yoga teachers. Every year several Yoga retreats take place, to celebrate the seasons together.

Group Retreats
Daily Schedule



7:30 Meditation 
8:00 Mindful silent walk 
8:30 Yoga practice 
10:00 Breakfast

Free time with tea, snacks 

3 - 4:30 Yoga practice 
5:30 Dinner 
7:30 Meditation

Weekend retreats start on Friday evening with dinner and end on Sunday at around 2pm.

upcoming retreats
Upcoming retreats

The places where the retreats happen are carefully chosen and eachone of them has it`s special energy. See for yourself...


Great weekend with Monika on the island! Slow deep yoga with delicious healthy food. The Aran Islands are amazing with a clear pure energy. Really special place – a real feeling of getting away from it all and dropping deep.


Siobhan, yoga teacher


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